The password is...

By Brad Tuttle
July 27, 2018
Lester Cohen—Getty Images for Wendy's

Psst! Wendy’s will give you free chicken tenders today — but only if you know the password.

Today is National Chicken Tender Day 2018. The big day is celebrated on July 27 every year because… well, just because someone decided to create a faux holiday focused on chicken tenders at some point.

Wendy’s will celebrate National Chicken Tender Day 2018 with an awesome giveaway: two free chicken tenders. There is no coupon or purchase required to get in on Wendy’s National Chicken Tender Day deal, but you do need some insider info to get your free chicken tenders.


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On Thursday, Wendy’s tweeted that its restaurants would be giving away a free two-piece order of chicken tenders to everyone who uses a secret password.

So what’s the password for free chicken tenders? Wendy’s social media team revealed it on Friday morning, and the phrase was in the original tweet all along. The password (or rather secret phrase) is: “Winner, winner, chicken tender.”

Just say, “Winner, winner, chicken tender,” at Wendy’s today and you’ll get two free chicken tenders.