5 smart ways to streamline your cabinets and never lose track of anything again, from Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy, cofounders of Neat Method.

January 12, 2018
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1. Employ Canisters

Decant baking supplies and cereal into see-through, airtight containers so you can view what (and how much) you have at a glance. When an ingredient looks low, add it to the grocery list.

To buy: Clear round acrylic canisters, from $10; containerstore.com.

2. Create Zones

Compartmentalize the space using baskets and arrange the contents by category (“sweet treats,” “salty snacks,” “baking,” “rice and grains”). Keep the stuff you reach for most often at eye level.

3. Label Everything

Identify what goes inside each container with labels or hangtags—this will make it easy for everyone in the house to maintain order. For extra organizational points, give the interior walls a coat of chalkboard paint so you can denote where the baking bin or soup cans should live.

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4. Get Vertical

Elevate cans, jars, and condiments atop a multitier riser to keep everything visible and easy to access.

To buy: Copco nonskid cabinet organizer, $6; bedbathandbeyond.com.

5. Lighten Up

It’s hard to know what food you have when you can’t see it. If there’s no electricity in the pantry, consider battery-operated lighting to illuminate the situation.

To buy: Project Source battery puck lights, $20 for 2; lowes.com.