Just when we thought butter coudn't get any better—this butter knife changed everything.

By Katie Holdefehr
December 17, 2018
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MoMA Store

Recently, there's been a big butter debate in the Real Simple office. After writing about Irish butter and finally figuring out how Kerrygold gets its delicious golden hue (hint: it's the high butterfat content), and learning about the differences between butter and ghee, you can say that we've been on a bit of a butter kick lately. And the moment our food director Dawn Perry introduced us to these buttery-salty homemade Parker House rolls, we knew there was no turning back. No matter which type of butter has your heart—golden Irish butter, homemade butter, hand-rolled Amish butter—this delicious condiment can be made even better with the right butter knife. Last year, my sister introduced me to the magical butter knife ($20, store.moma.org) that makes cold butter incredibly easy to spread.

We've all been there: your toast just popped up in the toaster, but you forgot to pre-soften the butter. Cold, unspreadable butter meets fragile toast, and before you know it, your toast is smooshed or torn to pieces. Well, the Butterup Knife solves this daily dilemma by turning a cold block of butter into easy-to-spread and quick-melting ribbons. Outfitted with "shredding slots" along one edge, the knife slides through even cold butter when held at the correct angle, creating thin ribbons of butter. Because the ribbons have more surface area, they'll melt more quickly than a big slab of butter, and can be spread more evenly across the warm toast. With this butter knife in your kitchen drawer, never again will you have to deal with the mildly inconvenient task of spreading too-cold butter.

After using this clever butter knife on everything from Land O'Lakes, to Kerrygold, to Finlandia butter for almost a year now, I can say it's a game-changer for anyone who takes their toast seriously. And the reviewers on the MoMA Design Store seem to agree. "Butter is often served too hard and this knife is the absolute answer. Great job!" Lauren from San Diego writes. Another reviewer notes that because this knife creates luscious ribbons of butter, it's a fun conversation piece at dinner parties. Whether you use this brilliant butter knife to prepare the perfect buttered toast before work, or you show it off to guests when they go to butter a dinner roll, it's safe to say this knife will become any butter lover's new-favorite kitchen tool.

Want a butter knife you can toss into your Amazon shopping cart? Check out the aptly-named Butter Knife Magic, which lets you carve ribbons, thin slices, or delicate curls of butter.