40 appetizer servings

How to Make It

Step 1

Cook first 3 ingredients in a large nonstick skillet, stirring until beef crumbles and is no longer pink. Drain and return beef mixture to skillet. Add 1/4 cup water and taco seasoning.

Step 2

Simmer 3 to 4 minutes or until liquid evaporates. Remove from heat, and stir in cheese.

Step 3

Spoon 1 level tablespoon of mixture onto center of each won ton wrapper.

Step 4

Moisten won ton wrapper edges with water. Bring corners together, pressing to seal.

Step 5

Pour oil to a depth of 2 inches into a Dutch oven; heat to 365°. Fry filled won tons, in batches, 2 minutes on each side or until golden. Drain on wire racks over paper towels.

Step 6

Note: Store uncooked appetizers in an airtight container in freezer up to 1 month. Fry, unthawed, in hot oil 2 1/2 minutes on each side or until golden.

Ratings & Reviews

freaknik's Review

July 28, 2014

busymom's Review

December 23, 2008
This is a crowd pleaser! They do take a little time to make since you are making so many, but they are worth it. I serve them with sour cream and salsa.