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No longer just your grandfather's breakfast of choice, whiskey could soon become a staple of your weekend morning routine. Depending on the blend, age, and barrel, whiskey-based breakfast cocktails provide a smoky and smooth alternative to the sweet, sugary beverages that typically accompany your Saturday-morning waffles.

For inspiration, Los Angeles-based mixologist and Jack Daniel's Brand Ambassador Eric "ET" Tecosky mixed two custom cocktails that move whiskey to the top of your morning routine, rather than the end of the night before. What he came up with is a mix of the frozen, sweet, savory, and—of course—the bacon-infused.

Because really, if you're having whiskey before noon, why not go all-out?

Frozen Monkey

Mmmm... Bacon

For the bacon-infused rye:

For the cocktail:

How to Make It

Step 1

Add all ingredient except the banana to the blender. Then, add ice to just above the liquid.

Step 2

Add Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye to a glass jar.

Step 3

In an old-fashioned glass, add the orange peel orange-side up, bitters, and syrup. Press the peel with a muddler.

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