It's not unheard of to stash valuables in the freezer, but incidents like this are a good reminder as to why a fireproof safe may be your safest bet.

By Sarra Sedghi
September 26, 2018
AndreyPopov/Getty Images

Although the freezer is a staple kitchen appliance, its storage capabilities go way beyond microwaveable meals and bananas pretending to be ice cream. Lift that box of Eggos and you may uncover batteries, irreplaceable documents, or literal cold hard cash. 

Thornton, Colorado resident Renee Reese froze her assets (To be fair, if it can actually serve the same purpose as a fireproof safe and doesn’t cost extra money, then why not?), which worked until June of this year, when she replaced the appliance and lost upwards of $35,000

Reese suffers from multiple sclerosis, so going to the bank isn’t an easy task. "There's a thousand reasons why I couldn't get to the bank,” she told Denver7. “I wasn't physically able to.” Even Reese’s refrigerator had proven inaccessible given her multiple sclerosis, so she recently purchased a new one from Costco, a model featuring French doors (that can stay open). However, the new fridge’s doors proved defective, leading her to—unintentionally—trade in her savings account for a replacement. Reese kept the cash in a Ziploc bag wrapped in paper towels, and in a hurry to clear out the freezer’s contents before subcontractors arrived to swap it for her new one, it seems she hid her savings a little too well. Reese got the right freezer, but lost her money in the exchange process, which she says the subcontracted delivery service rushed. 

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Reese ransacked her own house before filing a police report and a claim with Costco; alas, they located the original freezer, but it was empty. Perhaps if the retail giant ran background checks on subcontracted employees, Reese argues, she wouldn’t be in the red. And with her disability, she can’t simply earn the money back. According to Contact7, a Costco spokesperson said the company would look into Reese’s case again. In the meantime, she might want to find a new hiding place for her valuables.