Today's in-flight movie: Cakes on a Plane.

By Sara Tane
February 28, 2018
Bloomberg/Getty Images

The editors here at MyRecipes and Cooking Light take TSA very seriously. Well, sorta. It’s no secret that we don’t mess around when it comes to food, so sometimes it can be difficult for us to part ways with certain edible items when we’re flying just because they might be somewhat questionable by government regulations and/or obnoxiously smelly. We can’t necessarily say that we’re proud that we’ve brought these foods on board, but you have to admit, the level of dedication demonstrated is impressive. If government employees or any of our fellow passengers from flights past are out there reading this, we’re very, very sorry for being that person, but we can’t promise that we won’t do it again.

“A key lime cheesecake from Florida” - Jaime Ritter, Associate Editor,

“A half case of wine/amaro/port, and also a muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery in New Orleans. My boyfriend and I each had like, a whole one (they're huge), and they reeked. Another time, I had hot chicken flying out of Nashville, and a s*** ton of cured meat from France” - Kaylee Hammonds, Social Media Editor,

“A dozen cupcakes, a dozen bagels (I've done this so many times it's embarrassing), a bag full of Thanksgiving leftovers (stuffing, a vegan turkey, and Brussels sprouts), and entire loaves of zucchini and pumpkin bread. Oh and a Wawa sandwich” - Arielle Weg, Cooking Light Diet Fellow

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“Live maine lobsters—bonus, in Portland, there's a restaurant in the airport terminal that will sell you 1 lb. lobsters, pack them on ice for you, and you can bring them on the plane as carry-ons It's called Linda Bean's.” -Zee Krstic, Fellow

“My uncle used to fly from San Francisco to NYC with crabs so my mother could cook them for him. I also once brought an entire week’s worth of fruit (citrus, grapes, apples) from Seattle to NY (which come to think, I’ve also brought crabs). Also, a sandwich from Tartine bakery which was savory, to say the least —think French cheese smell. Basically, a lot of things from the West coast.” Stacey Rivera, Digital Content Director, Food

“A layer cake from a local bakery for someone's birthday. It counted as a carry on! Plus, alllll the squeezies, pouches, and bottles of water. TSA is down with feeding the babies.” -Ashley Kappel, Digital Content Manager, &

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“Pretty much everytime I travel to go see my friends in Washington, D.C., I know better than to show up empty-handed. That usually means I have an entire batch of cookies in my backpack. What kills me is that the airport security dogs walk right by me without even turning their necks. Talk about obedience!!” - Sara Tane, Assistant Editor,