We made a lot of mistakes—but that's a good thing!

By Antara Sinha
October 12, 2018
Time Inc. Video Studio 

Turns out we’re doing a lot of things wrong—and this week was all about rectifying those mistakes. Apparently, there’s not one, not two, but 10 mistakes you can make with raw chicken—and speed-thawing it in the sink of one of them. We’re using our dishwasher wrong too; this setting that we all use and love is actually wrecking our appliance. We’re buying the wrong things at Trader Joe’s. We’re also definitely freezing leftovers wrong: That chicken noodle soup that you made a big batch of? Yeah, don’t even think about trying to freeze it to enjoy it later in the month, unless you’re a fan of disappointment.   
The good news: Sometimes the biggest mistakes can lead to the most interesting cooking insights. Forgot to grab the classic Hershey’s-marshmallow-graham cracker trio for s’mores? There may be better substitutes in your pantry for the best-ever bonfire treat. If you’re struggling to keep your kitchen organized, there are tons of budget-friendly ways to get the job done (we’re talking Dollar Store-cheap). And if you’re stumped trying to purchase molasses as you get a start on baking up fall treats, you’ve got a few options on which one to pick up.

And speaking of fall treats, we went full-on Halloween spirit this week. We’re loving seeing all of you get crafty in the kitchen and creative with spooky treats on social media; and we spent some time in the kitchen too, recreating some of our favorite foods from the Harry Potter series like Pumpkin Pasties and Pumpkin Juice. You don’t need to be a Potterhead to enjoy the sweet and lightly spiced Great Hall-inspired beverage, and we whipped up both a sweet and savory pastry to make sure all of your Halloween party guests are satisfied. We also dove way into the history and know-how of another seasonal favorite: the candied apple, which, it turns out, were created by happy accident—definitive proof that mistakes in the kitchen can lead to some seriously tasty discoveries.
This week also brought a ton of intriguing new kitchen products into our lives. We never knew our Instant Pots needed decorative decals, but now we’re obsessed. Butternut squash pizza crust is the seasonal twist on pizza that we could definitely see ourselves giving a try, piled high with our favorite pizza toppings (Maybe give anchovies a try?). If you’re hitting that midday slump at work extra hard, these low-sugar snacks are the perfect remedy that you should keep on-hand. And if you’ve been hesitant to jump on the alternative pasta trend, we did the hard work for you and tried nine different bean-based pastas. The consensus: We were actually surprised by how much we loved ‘em.