This one’s good, but please don’t lick your fingers. 

By Sarra Sedghi
December 13, 2018

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of a crackling fire--that is, unless you prefer it with a few (or 11) essential herbs and spices. 

Now we can finally make our roaring fireplaces smell like fried chicken without running the risks associated with lighting grease on fire or wasting our personal spice collection. KFC and Enviro-Log partnered up to make the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, which--you guessed it--smells just like the monumental chain’s star product. Enviro-Log crafts their firelogs entirely from recycled materials, which means that in addition to smelling good the 5-pound logs are better for the environment than your standard un-herbed-and-spiced log. 

“Pick up a firelog today, and you’ll be wondering how you were ever able to enjoy a fire that didn’t smell like fried chicken,” KFC’s press release reads. 

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As the owner of a KFC summer 2017 “FRIED CHICKEN USA” sweatshirt, I personally believe that limited-edition fast food merchandise is a gift bestowed from the heavens. The less gourmet the chain, the better. This isn’t KFC’s first foray into holiday items, either. Last year, they marketed a $10,000 “Internet Escape Pod” featuring a giant Colonel Sanders on top. Also, fun fact, Colonel Sanders is pretty much Santa Claus in Japan

The finger lickin’ good logs market for $18.99 (that includes tax, shipping, and handling) and will burn anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours. There is one hangup to this promotion, though. There’s a limit of only one firelog per customer, which means there probably aren’t enough to go around. Looks like KFC is good at economics. Also, be sure to store it away from pets and humans who can’t control themselves around fried chicken. There’s no telling what it could do to anyone’s digestive tract.