Viewer discretion is advised.

By Arielle Weg
June 06, 2018

Working at a digital food brand, I spend a ton of my time watching viral cooking videos. Whether it’s on my personal Instagram feed or at a social media meeting, I’m constantly surrounded by disembodied hands tossing cups of pre-measured ingredients into pans. It’s sort of an art.

Being that highly shareable, food-related videos are clearly having a moment (that doesn’t seem to be coming to any immediate end), some have resorted to taking it a bit too far in order to stand out amidst all the noise. Here are 13 on-film food moments that have truly freaked our editors out, and consistently lead us to question who came up with this?

The Meat Glove

As a vegetarian, I found this video extra offensive. But even our meat-loving editors found a steak turned inside out, resembling a glove to be next-level disturbing.

When Bubble Wrap is Used to Decorate a Cake

You have to question how sanitary using a household item like bubble wrap to mold your cake is. Fun fact: If your skin really crawls by the end of this video, you may be someone who experiences trypophobia, a fear or disgust at the sight of clusters or holes. 

Or When Decorations Go Too Far

Just mash the damn avocado on your toast. There’s no need to carve an ornate scene into the pit. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anytime Vegetables are Used as Bread

We have long complained about the ongoing trend of replacing bread with vegetables, but this video just takes it too far. Can’t we all just eat hot dogs in a bun like a normal people, and save the pickle for the side?

Or When Carbs Shouldn't Have Been Cut

Nobody. Wants. This.

Sorry, but a tomato packed with meat and cheese just doesn’t sound great (or easy to eat). I’ll take my burrito bowl, please.

When Cakes Mimic Bodily Functions

Save your pimple-popping for the privacy of your own bathroom. We don’t want it anywhere near our cupcakes. Hard pass.

Or Look Like Household Items

I don’t know who thought this up, but watching someone cut into a germ-harboring sponge and eat it just makes me gag. I use a sponge to wash my dirty dishes, not as dessert.

When The Voiceover Haunts Our Dreams

The narrator is just a little too soft spoken for our liking. Don’t watch it too many times, or you’ll hear Maya’s voice in your dreams tonight.

And The Background Music is Super Tacky

You’re making a blueberry bagel pudding, not pumping up for a run or driving down the highway with the top down. Take a breather.

If The Recipe Makes Us Nauseated

We know it’s a joke (it’s our own video, after all), but this video still makes our food team gag. It’s not something we plan to watch again, but will probably continue tagging our friends for kicks.

Especially When it Involves Pickles 

There’s something about pickle-anything that makes the Internet go wild. But a chocolate-dipped and salted pickle? You couldn’t pay me to try it.

When the Food is Way Too Tiny

Food has a specific size — it’s just nature. Making miniature versions of that is just unnecessary and drives us a little bananas.

Or Way Too Giant

Half of the fun of pigs in a blanket is that it’s bite-sized. Why would I want a massive hunk of meat wrapped in more meat and in dough? It ruins the convenience of a bite-sized appetizer.