Taste matters, especially after an epic meal.

By Kimberly Holland
October 28, 2018
Juanmonino/Getty Images

After the turkey and stuffing, potatoes and pie comes the bloated belly, indigestion, and the heartburn. You can count on these after-dinner guests just as well as you can count on Uncle Eddie saying inappropriate things or Grandma letting the rolls go just a bit too long under the broiler.

This holiday season, be prepared with a bottle of the best-tasting antacids money can buy. You can even offer a variety of options for over-stuffed guests, much the same way you offer pumpkin, pecan, and buttermilk pies for their dessert.

We tasted over 20 chewable anti-heartburn medicines to find the best flavor. All of these can be purchased over-the-counter and in sizes small and large. We scored each antacid for its texture, flavor, and aftertaste.

We didn’t rank for ability to treat heartburn, as none of the tasters had heartburn before the tasting (and we certainly didn’t have it after). However, they all contain the active ingredient calcium carbonate, which acts quickly to settle a sour stomach or pacify raging heartburn.

Best Overall


In all 20+ products the tasters tested, DRX Choice Antacid Tablets Assorted Fruit Chewable Tablets were the biggest surprise of all. At under $1 for 60 chewable tablets, these bargain antacids were also the best tasting. More reminiscent of SweeTARTS than antacids, these brightly-colored heartburn busters have a texture on the chalky side, but it quickly dissolved so you’re not left with a mouth-coating dryness. The active ingredient is 500 milligrams of calcium carbonate. Many antacids today have a minimum of 750mg, so you may need an extra for relief. Good thing they’re so tasty!

Buy It: walmart.com, 88 cents/60 tablets

Best Texture


TUMS has cornered the market on “creamy” antacids with their Smoothies line of OTC meds. Tasters appreciated the improved texture and found the flavor of TUMS Smoothies Assorted Fruit Extra Strength Antacid Chewable Tablets (750mg) most enjoyable. These fruity flavors were most natural and least artificial tasting (which is, of course, a stretch with flavored medicine, we realize). 

Buy It: walmart.com, $7.54/140 tablets

Best Flavor


The newest advancement in heartburn healers, chewy antacids, seem more candy than stomach-calming medicine, which could be an ideal option for people who are typically antacid adverse. The TUMS Chewy Bites Assorted Berries Antacid (750mg) are sweet, but the chewy texture is quite unique for any line of antacids. They have a hard candy shell, but the whole chewy dissolves easily with a few bites and doesn’t leave a lingering chalkiness. Other flavors in the Tums Chewy Bites lines are good, but we preferred the Berries assortment for its bright, clean flavors.

Buy It: walmart.com, $4/32 antacid chews