The Internet isn’t so sure about Round K’s latest creation

By Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018
Photo via Unsplash

Though it’s easy to forget, coffee culture and customs vary widely across the globe. Ask for a cappuccino after about noon in Italy, for example, and you’ll get weird looks. Ask for someone to put an egg in your espresso in South Korea, however, and they’ll oblige. 

That latter custom has caught some coffee drinkers by surprise this week. A tweet from Insider Food showed off lower Manhattan coffee outpost Round K’s egg cappuccino, a take on the Korean trend served up for American audiences. After straining out the whites, an egg yolk is dropped into a cup of espresso and whisked. From there, the drink is topped off with whipped heavy cream, cocoa powder, and served. 

Though there’s nothing off-putting about the site of the cappuccino, the thought of drinking espresso à la Rocky didn’t sit well with some on Twitter. 

Some were into it, though. 

Others were quick to point out that Korea isn’t the only place where the mixing breakfast foods and coffee is common. 

And someone else had an even better idea to raise the stakes.

Obviously, the novel combination of caffeine and cholesterol isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve ever wanted to get a taste for one of the more unexpected twists on a traditional cappuccino, Round K’s offering seems like a solid bet. Just try not to throw up.