This guy did it, and you can too

By Mike Pomranz
July 26, 2018
Courtesy of Daniel Tillotson via YouTube

Have you ever wished your car was more vegan? Daniel Tillotson from Alberta, Canada, thought that giving his Subaru a “vegan car mod” might make for some fun YouTube content, so he came up with a bizarre concept: re-routing his windshield wiper fluid to shoot kombucha into his mouth while driving. Needless to say, Tillotson is now a minor Canadian celebrity.

Tillotson isn’t the world’s best known YouTuber. As of this writing, he barely has over 9,000 subscribers – though to his credit, he does have five videos with more than 100,000 views. One of those he posted just three days ago: “Modifying my washer fluid to squirt juice in my mouth.”

Beyond the bizarre vegan/kombucha angle, the core concept of the video is pretty ingenious in its own right. As Munchies reports, Tillotson flushed out his car’s windshield washer fluid reservoir, attempting to clean it to the best of his ability (which apparently didn’t go as well as he hoped). Using a 1/8-diameter hose extension, he then re-routed the path the fluid takes from the front of his windshield to inside of his car, mounting a spout on the interior of the windshield aimed to shoot the fluid directly towards his face. Finally, he filled the reservoir with kombucha and gave the “mod” a test run.

Seemingly to his own surprise, pressing the windshield wiper fluid button shot a steady stream of kombucha right into his mouth. His laughter was uncontrollable. “Wow! Is that vegan?” he quipped.

At some point, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation caught wind of his video, and thanks to his weird experiment, Tillotson was interviewed on CBC Radio’s As It Happens program. “I figured it had been a little while since I posted a video and so I figured I'd throw something together,” he said after being asked where the idea came from. “And this is my throwaway content. This is kind of like I'll just put something out and just like and say I put something out. And lo and behold this is the reaction, I guess.”

Tillotson said he spent “about a full day,” driving around testing out his vegan car mod before he finally decided to call it quits. And though the video has been a hit, the experiment might not have been good for his health or the resale value of his car. Turns out, thanks to his hasty flushing process, the kombucha he was drinking had the distinct taste of washer fluid. Meanwhile, the mess his makeshift spout created was also problematic. “I cleaned it but kombucha has a very particular smell and it's kind of lingering,” he told CBC.

Still, despite ending the video by saying, “I regret everything,” he ended his radio interview with a different takeaway. “As soon you get the idea just do it—especially the dumb stuff,” he said. Spoken like a guy who just spent a day drinking kombucha out of a windshield washer fluid hose.