And why are the Brits so worked up over them right now?

By Maxine Builder
February 07, 2018
Photo by Teresa Sabga

When I woke up this morning, the internet was abuzz with the newest Instagram food craze: egg clouds, a dish the Daily Mail is calling "the new IT breakfast." But what are cloud eggs, exactly, besides a super Instagrammable brunch dish? Well, as Jiselle Basile explained on Extra Crispy, cloud eggs are basically fancy egg-in-a-hole. To make cloud eggs, you take an egg, separate the yolk from the white, then whip up the whites into a meringue. Spoon some meringue onto a baking sheet, plop the egg yolk on top, and bake the whole thing in the oven. The result is a savory meringue topped with a creamy egg yolk that makes a beautiful, sunny breakfast.

It's a pretty straightforward concept and recipe, all things considered. (I mean, there's no unidentifiable "swirls of blue" like the last Instagram food craze, am I right?) But to some folks in the United Kingdom, these cloud eggs still don't make any sense. A writer at UK's Metro went as far as to call cloud eggs "the latest crime against breakfast," writing the resulting dish is, "an egg that looks as if it needs putting out of its misery—not even through the honorific route of being eaten but straight in the bin."

Most others seem fairly stoked on the idea of cloud eggs as a slightly fancy, yet low-calorie, brunch option. TheIndependent reports that this dish has only 161 calories per serving, which is a win if you're into those kind of metrics. Plus, cloud eggs takes about ten to fifteen minutes to make, even though it looks like it could've taken your hours of slaving away in the kitchen. The bright yellow yolk also looks great in photos, popping off the white of the meringue, and you can even add other ingredients to the whipped egg whites, like chives or cooked bacon, to add a bit more flavor.

Overall, cloud eggs seem like a straightforward internet breakfast trend I can get behind, and there are so many people posting their own successful pictures of the dish that I think they agree.

So go forth, jump on the Instagram wagon, and make those cloud eggs. We've got a couple of cloud egg recipes to get you started.