What did you do with your long weekend?

By Tim Nelson
May 29, 2018
Joesphan Lu / EyeEm/Getty Images

There are a lot of unconventional world records being broken every day. Just this past weekend, rap legend Snoop Dogg became the new record holder for world’s largest gin & juice. And while there’s a good chance you haven’t written a famous song around which to theme your record-breaking attempt, one Denver resident proved that all it takes to become a legend is a little bit of ingenuity and some waffle batter.

That’s because Spencer McCullough spent his Memorial Day Weekend setting a new world record for the tallest stack of waffles. With the help of 50 pounds(!) of waffle batter, a professional surveyor, and encouragement from some random onlookers, McCullough was able to stack waffles 67 centimeters (a little over 26 inches) high, smashing the previous record of 51 centimeters set by someone who presumably had less fun with the whole thing.

Thanks to dogged reporting by Denver Post writer Elizabeth Hernandez , the record attempt looked like it was both super chill and entirely serious. A sign on McCullough’s door directed attendees to watch a world record get broken “around back”, where professional surveyor Dustin Hoaglin was at the ready with a 3D laser scanner to make sure things were level and that heights were measured accurately. Asked why he answered McCullough’s call to spend part of his Memorial Day Weekend staring at a stack of waffles, Hoaglin’s answer was simple and relatable: he wanted to avoid his family. “My wife kept asking me where I was going, and I said I was going to work,” he told Hernandez. Hey, he wasn’t not telling the truth.

In terms of process, McCullough poured the batter into waffle irons, which were then handed to his friend Steve Garguilo— who flew to Denver from Texas for the attempt— so they could be broiled and hardened in the oven for ultimate stackability. The waffles were then arranged with care on a precisely-level table while the appropriately epic John Williams arrangement “Summon the Heroes” played. Despite some pulse-pounding moments where McCullough’s shot at a record looked like it could come crashing down, the team eventually triumphed.

Though the record hasn’t been verified by Guinness yet, McCullough and co. complied with the odd but tasty requirement that all of the waffles be eaten, much to the delight of those who saw McCullough’s Facebook ad promising free breakfast.

Sure, tallest waffle stack seems like a silly record to go out and break. But so is most underpants pulled on in one minute (team of two). So props to everyone who witnessed this new waffle stacking record. Hopefully it will inspire someone with both an engineer’s knowledge of weight distribution and Leslie Knope’s love of waffles to even greater heights.