The definition of finger food has changed forever

By Tim Nelson
June 15, 2018
Courtesy of nail_sunny on Instagram

In the crowded world of nail art (44 million instagram posts and counting), it takes a lot to stand out. Most of the time, that translates to intricate designs or dazzling accessories. Either way, an emphasis on form and aesthetics trumps function. But recently, a standout alternative that’s somehow both ingeniously utilitarian and wildly impractical at the same time has surfaced.

No, your eyes don’t deceive you: what you’re looking at is a set of nails that doubles as a full set of silverware. This isn’t a preview of a new (and fancy) Mortal Kombat character or some sort of upscale Edward Scissorhands cosplay, but a real nail design from Russian salon Nail Sunny. The full set features a fork, spoon, knife and toothpick, and thankfully leaves the thumbnail thankfully unburdened by cutlery.

This isn’t merely for show, either. In another Instagram post, whoever decided this was a good idea showed off their newfound ability to turn anything into a finger food with ease.


This bizarre manicure isn’t without its attendant benefits. Eating on the go just got a whole lot simpler, for one. And with the need to cut down on plastic utensil usage at a time when the need to do so is garnering international attention, making this head-turning style is a handy (sorry) way to adopt more environmental-friendly habits.

At the same time, it sure would seem to make getting a firm grip on anything pretty difficult, and Johnny Depp could certainly speak to how hard life is with sharp objects protruding from your hands. Making emphatic gestures, caressing a lover’s face, or simply sipping tea with a pinky out could lead to some accidental scrapes and stabbings.

Still, we’re talking about the same nail salon that made headlines for turning someone’s fingers into teeth, so it’s evident that this was an effort to flex their skills rather than provide a new model for the future of eating. But if they combined that cutlery set on one hand with the teeth on the other, then they might really be on to something.