Who needs breading when you can have bacon-ing?

By Matthew Kassel
February 07, 2018
Photo courtesy of Tastemade

Bacon is a versatile meat. You can do a lot with it: fry it, bake it, crumble it into bits, slap someone in the face with it, wrap it around another food item. Speaking of that last option, the folks over at Tastemade have filmed a handy video that instructs bacon lovers on how to prepare bacon-wrapped onion rings, which isn’t something you see all that often. As you may be guessing, it’s pretty simple. Just cut an onion into circular pieces, wrap bacon around it, spear the item with a toothpick so the bacon doesn’t unravel, throw it in the oven, and there you go.

The result is a very satisfying snack that doesn’t usually appear as an appetizer at cocktail or dinner parties but should. I’d also venture that these bacon-wrapped onion rings would make a great breakfast, if you’re so inclined to crave them early in the day.

Tastemade gives an additional recipe for a creamy dip and recommends you slather the onions and bacon with a teriyaki sauce before baking them. But of course, you can do whatever you want—it’s a basic recipe and can be pared down and up to suit your tastes. The real appeal of this recipe is the fact that it’s bread-less, though perhaps no less greasy than traditionally battered, fried onion rings.

Once you’re aware of this recipe, the options become sort of limitless, at least in the pork products department. I’m sure pancetta, hot coppa, prosciutto, speck or any other iteration of cured, smoked meat would go splendidly wrapped around an onion.