Drinks at the Tippling Club in Singapore are paired with gummy bears

By Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018
photo by Wallace Garrison via getty images

Cocktail bars are veritable laboratories of innovation. But one cocktail outpost all the way in Singapore is going beyond the usual muddled fruits and simple syrups to not only change what we drink, but how we order it in the first place. 

Trendy cocktail spot Tippling Club recently announced the introduction of an edible menu. That’s right: Each of their specialty drink offerings gets paired with a gummy bear that represents your the cocktail. Curated by head bartender Joe Schofield and chef-owner Ryan Clift, the concept is an attempt to evoke certain dreams and desires that are subsequently translated into edible and imbibable creations. With evocative names like Knowledge, Lust, and Power that feature unconventional garnishes and additives like paper, make-up, and (gulp) blood, Tippling Club has assembled one of the more memorable cocktail experiences you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Photo courtesy of Tippling Club

This isn’t Schofield and Clift’s first foray into the realm of unusual pairings. Last year, they collaborated with International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. to introduce a Sensorium Menu centered on smells that conjured memories and emotions. Adding an edible menu to the mix required a similar level of trial and error. “The edible gummy bear menu, while deceptively simple, involved months of research and development,” Schofield said. “We narrowed it down to 12 perfected flavour formulas that we felt best represent the dreams and desires we wanted to convey.” 


With Tippling Club’s cocktails selling for around $17 USD, it sounds like a pretty affordable way to try a gummy bear/drink combo that can tap into multiple senses to trigger rush of memories and emotions. With sight, smell, and taste out of the way, there’s no doubt Singapore’s most interesting cocktail lounge is currently scheming up a way to craft cocktails you can hear.