Sangria or Sesame Seaweed?

By Margaret Eby
February 07, 2018
Photo courtesy KIND

If you're a KIND bar aficionado, you're probably familiar with the current KIND bar flavor lineup: dark chocolate and sea salt, almond and coconut, cranberry almond and macademia nut, you know, the hits. But if you're craving some more KIND bar flavors, well, you're in luck. The KIND snacks team knows all about Restless Palate Syndrome, so they're offering some solutions. Starting today until May 31, KIND fans can vote on what the next flavor of KIND bar will be through their "Raise the Bar" contest. Much like voters chose the last flavor of Lay's Potato Chip, the masses will have their say on what kind of new combination KIND will offer. 

The options aren't limitless—there's no secret Grape Slushie flavor, for example. Instead, KIND has four options to change from: Sesame Seaweed, Spiced Fig, Sweet Pretzel Crunch, and Sangria. Sangria sounds pretty suspicious until you look at the ingredients, which are Pomegranate, Orange Zest, Tart Cherry, and Mixed Nuts, which, OK, sounds really delicious (though alert: does not include alcohol).  The Sweet Pretzel Crunch has salted caramel and pretzel, and the Spiced Fig also includes pistachio and cardamom. Sesame Seaweed is what it sounds like, plus peanut and wasabi. If you're a person who can't be bothered with breakfast except in snack form, it's exciting news. 

Photo courtesy Kind
Photo courtesy Kind
Photo courtesy Kind

For entering the contest, voters won't just get the potential satisfaction of changing the face of their local snack aisle. KIND is making a limited batch of the winning flavor that it will ship out to voters later in the summer. If you think your future self might welcome a shipment of Sangria KIND bars, well, that's a pretty good reason to make your voice heard. And yes, we'll probably send the winner to our resident KIND bar critic.