Absolute unit of a meal gives new meaning to the “full English”

By Tim Nelson
June 19, 2018
Carlos Osorio/Getty Images

America enjoys a well-earned reputation as the most gluttonous place on earth. You don’t need to look too far for evidence of juse how far certain US eateries will go to give us heart attacks with their foods. But if a new gargantuan breakfast item is to be believed, you definitely don’t want to count out the UK when it comes to absurd eats.

On the surface, the Shepherds Place Farm Café might seem like any other English eatery. But this Doncaster haunt is home to what may go down as the biggest breakfast you’ll find on the other side of the pond. For £15, patrons can purchase a massive meal with eight each of back bacon slices, black pudding, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, and hash browns. There’s also a dozen tomato rounds, pieces of toast, and one big vat of baked beans. Oh, and you get a mug of coffee or tea to wash the whole thing down. That all adds up to more than 4,000 calories, or roughly twice what’s recommended for the average woman to eat in a whole day.

Courtesy Shepards Place Farm

This beast is called the “Terminator 2” and was an attempt by Shepherds Place Farm owner Ted Phillips to up the ante after the original, half-sized version sold for £7.50 proved too easy to take down. "People were managing to complete the Terminator challenge so we thought we'd give them something to really have a go at,” he told the Doncaster Free Press. "We started serving it a few weeks ago but no-one has managed to finish it yet."

Phillips says he’s had plenty of men and women from as far away as Hull try and ultimately come up short so far. That’s probably because you need to either be Arnold Schwarzenegger or some sort of shape-shifting liquid metal robot from the year 2029 in order to cram that many English breakfast items down your gullet in one go.

Anyone who does manage to get the whole thing down will have their gut-busting glory commemorated on the Shepherds Place wall of fame. Phillips also plans to hold a “Judgment Day” event in the future, which will give daring diners the chance to walk away with a trophy (and a horrible stomach ache) if they pull it off.

Of course, there’s no shame in ordering the thing, coming up short, and carrying out enough leftovers to eat like a king for the rest of the week. For roughly $20, that’s a pretty solid deal.