Good luck getting a hold of one though

By Tim Nelson
February 23, 2018
Courtesy Patron

National Margarita Day may have come and gone (shouldn’t it be May 5th?), but that doesn’t mean you should revert to drinking your tequila neat like some kind of psychopath. For those who enjoy luxuriating in a colorful bath and/or devising creative ways of getting a buzz on (ideally at the same time), a new, highly Instagrammable new cocktail accessory should be a technicolor dream come true.

They’re called cocktail fizzers, a solid ball of real ingredients that dissolves in liquid to transform it into a flavored margarita with a fizz and a splash. These tequila teammates come in a wide range of exotic flavors, ranging from the jalapeño to passion fruit to  pickled plum and kelp tea. Though they each put on a fittingly fizzy display, the finished drink features the same smooth and refreshing texture that’s made the margarita a staple of any cocktail bar.

The mastermind behind this ingenious invention is Cody Goldstein of Mudding Memories, a hospitality company known for developing awe-inspiring cocktails. This particular project had the backing of Patrón, who worked with Goldstein to get the Cocktail Fizzers ready to go in time for an event at New York City’s Norwood on National Margarita Day (February 22nd).

The bad news is that you’re not about to find cocktail fizzers in Costco. They’re currently only available at Norwood, which is typically a members-only club (whose dress code presumably includes a mixology vest). A single serving will set you back $30 and a set of seven will cost $200, almost enough to make the idea of doing tequila shots in of a bathtub sound appealing and economically prudent.

Still, the chance to watch your Patrón turn into an effervescent margarita is hard to pass up. Here’s hoping this concept becomes available to us commoners soon.