Chicken and biscuits, with a Taco Bell twist

By Sammy Nickalls
February 07, 2018
Photo by Joshua Blanchard via Getty Images for Taco Bell

Taco Bell's venture in breakfast has been one to behold. In the five years after delving into the first meal of the day, the fast food chain has experimented with naked egg tacos, breakfast salsa (which is actually pretty good), and even an all-day breakfast menu. Now, its latest addition will appeal to KFC fans, because Taco Bell is rolling out its "Naked Chicken" and biscuits. Business Insider reports that on Thursday, the chain announced the testing of chicken and biscuits in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the form of Naked Chicken Chips and biscuit triangles for $1.99.

The breakfast combo brings back Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chips—fried triangular-shaped chicken patties--from earlier this year in combination with biscuit triangles and your choice of jalapeno honey or nacho cheese (or the aforementioned breakfast salsa, if you feel like getting adventurous).

In addition, Taco Bell announced it will bring back the Naked Chicken Chips with a side of nacho cheese back to menus all over the United States. However, the chain is experimenting further with the “chips” in specific locations; the biscuit combo will only be available in Indianapolis for a limited time, while they'll be folded into a tortilla shape and stuffed with bacon and ranch in Knoxville, according to Eater.

photo courtesy of taco bell

The addition of chicken and biscuits at Taco Bell could be a move to garner new customers, such as Southern food-loving patrons who normally would visit KFC for a dose of breakfast comfort. But they still haven’t delved into the chicken and waffle front, so there’s still time for KFC to up the ante.