Any takers? 

By Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018
Photo by Alex Wong via Getty Images

Thanksgiving and the subsequent holiday season is a unique bundle of joy, stress, and familial friction. That’s especially true in today’s tense political climate, with many of us heading off next week to break bread with conservative, MAGA-loving relatives. If you weren’t already excited for aunt Carol to lecture the family about sharia law while she passes the stuffing, the Republican National Committee invites you to hold its proverbial beer. 

That’s because the GOP is hosting a contest where one lucky winner will have the chance to sit down to a holiday breakfast with President Donald J Trump himself. If you enter by November 27th, you’re eligible to win round-trip transportation, accommodations, and one ticket to the “Holiday in Manhattan Breakfast” on December 2nd, estimated at a $3000 value. Based on its inclusive name, it would seem the RNC has accepted defeat in the War on Christmas. 

As you’d expect, Twitter was collectively less than thrilled by the prospect of having breakfast with our brain genius president. Keep in mind, these are just a few reactions from the people who actually saw the tweet from @GOP:

Fittingly, the contest is only open to legal US citizens and lawful permanent residents who still have valid green cards, and they probably won’t pay for airfare from a travel ban country. While the RNC’s website seems to imply a donation to the Make America Great Again Committee is a prerequisite for entry, the fine print indicates that the contest isn’t quite the pay to play system you’d expect. Of course, the man known for making the best deals would never decline an opportunity to take your money. 

There are no details about where the breakfast will take place, or whether or not the winner will even have access to Trump, who has plenty of more famous people telling him he’s doing a tremendous job, believe me. Based on what we know about the president’s dietary habits (or lack thereof), the winner will probably enjoy well-done steak and eggs, McGriddles, and plenty of covfefe (I’m so sorry) to wash it all down.