The twist on the incredibly popular pop-up is free, open to the public, and highly attuned to social media

By Margaret Eby
June 06, 2018
Griffin Lipsom

If you've always wanted to go to the Museum of Ice Cream but have been put off by the long lines and the near-impossible-to-get tickets, you're in luck. Today marks the launch of collaboration between Target and the Museum of Ice Cream that will run in New York City's Meatpacking District from now until the end of the summer: the Pint Shop.

What is the Museum of Ice Cream's Pint Shop? It's a place to buy ice cream, of course, but also a place to dive into a giant ice cream pint full of fake cherries, a riff on the sprinkle pool of the original Museum of Ice Cream. There are several highly Instagrammable installations, like a swing made of a lifeguard float set above a floor made of rainbow sprinkles, as well as aisles of color-coded merchandise that correspond with the ice cream flavors the MOIC developed. It's like the world's most whimsical grocery store, if you went to the store exclusively for sprinkles, pastel-colored puzzles, and canvas bags. 

The Pint Shop will also hold ice cream workshops and tastings by appointment. In the preview I went to, we all donned matching pastel pink lab coats and tried vanilla flavorings in various forms to explore how different beans and proportions of extract give ice cream different flavors. We also got to taste each of the brand's new offerings: Chocolate Crush, Churro Churro, Vanillionaire, Pinata, Cherrylicious, and Nana Banana. (A seventh flavor, Sprinkle Pool, wasn't yet available.)

Future workshops include a vision board-creation session and a "pitch your pint" event where people can dream up new ice cream flavors. You can sign up for them online in advance—and if you're interested, you should keep an eye out because the first batch is already sold out. After its summer in New York, the Pint Shop will pop-up in other locations, and will be a part of the permanent location of the Museum of Ice Cream to come. Pints of the Museum of Ice Cream Flavors will be available in select Target locations as well.