If you hate washing your French Press, this is coffee grounds scoop for you

By Margaret Eby
October 15, 2018

A French press is a wonderful way to make coffee. It's pretty close to foolproof, it's tasty, it doesn't require the constant monitoring of a pourover or a stovetop espresso machine, and it doesn't need the counterspace a drip machine does. But dang if it isn't a pain to clean, especially if you don't have a disposal. I have to scrape out the grounds into the trash, usually by some combination of banging it vigorously on the edge of the trash can and using a spoon or spatula to get the rest. Then, when I wash it out, the remaining grounds always get caught in the sink strainer. Uggh. There has to be a better way.

But then, OXO sent over a tool that is perfect for this single specifically annoying task. It's a French Press Coffee Grounds Cleaning Scoop, it's $7.99, and it does exactly what it soulds like. Basically it's a long flexible spatula with a recatngular scoop on the end. It's the perfect utesil for scraping out the spent coffee grounds from the bottom of a French press without getting them everywhere or having to knock the press against the trashcan, which is something I always worry will damage the device. 

Do you need it? I mean, surely not. Maslow's hierarchy of needs does not have highly specfic utensils on it, though I'd argue it should. But it has made my life a lot easier since because it resolves a very specific problem in an elegant, easy way. Sometimes it's worth having a unitasker when you really dread that task, and a tool exists to make it easier. Don't @ me.