Very Grim, but in a good way

By Kat Kinsman
October 18, 2018

There are all kinds of books about all kinds of things, but to my mind, not nearly enough of them contain almost laughably approachable methods for making Scotch eggs, and that's a problem. We're solution-oriented people here at Extra Crispy, so we've compiled all the breakfast knowledge in all the land into a masterwork called Breakfast: The Most Important Book About the Best Meal of the Day, and we're almost embarrassingly giddy about it. It pops up in bookstores, both tangible and virtual, on October 23, but you could go right ahead and preorder it now to ensure immediate access to all the breakfast magic.

And if you are indeed now ravenous for the Scotch eggs that Mr. Grim and I made in this video, we won't leave you hanging. Here's the recipe.

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