Gimme a break, etc.

February 28, 2018
  Bloomberg / Contributor

Nestle UK has just announced the launch of a Kit Kat Senses, a box of bite-sized Kit Kats in three new flavors: hazelnut, double chocolate, and salted caramel. The new Kit Kats will have the same wafer layers and chocolate coating as the classic candy bars as well as an extra layer of the new flavors. The hazelnut flavor will feature a layer of praline and pieces of hazelnuts, the double chocolate has a layer of chocolate ganache and cocoa nibs, and the salted caramel has (you guess it!) a layer of caramel flecked with sea salt.

"Kit Kat Senses is a more premium format that gives people the opportunity to enjoy their favorite Kit Kat in a different way,” Alex Gonnella, the marketing director for Nestle’s UK confectionery business, told Good Housekeeping UK. “It's ideal for sharing with friends and family, looks great on the table and makes a perfect gift."

These new Kit Kat flavors could prove that the the UK brand is willing to get more creative in Kit Kat’s future. While hazelnut and salted caramel sound great, they’ve got nothing on Kit Kat Japan (also owned by Nestle), which boasts flavors like red bean, salted watermelon, and white peach. Of course, I’d be happy to take the UK’s hazelnut bar over the specialty Kit Kats (made under license by Hershey’s) available in the US: red velvet and mint.

Kit Kat Senses boxes are available in the UK starting February 27, but I bet they’ll be headed for the US soon if we play our cards right.