Move over, party subs

By Tim Nelson
October 22, 2018
JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Pizza is one of the greatest foods known to man. The fact that it can be delivered to us on demand has to be one of the defining accomplishments of the modern world. The only problem, though, is that it has previously been impossible to order a pizza tall enough to hypothetically ride a rollercoaster if stood up on its side.

That changes right now. In attempt to live up to their name, SoCal pizza chain Big Mama and Papa’s Pizzeria now offer what’s being hailed as the largest deliverable pizza in the world. Their Giant Sicilianis a massive 54-inch by 54-inch square that’s probably too big to fit on the dining room table in most homes. And with its ability to allegedly feed 50 to 70 pizza fans, you might need a bigger gathering space anyway.

As you’d imagine, the amount of raw material it takes to assemble a pizza that covers an area of more than 20 square feet is staggering. For a pepperoni pizza, Big Mama and Papa’s uses 20 pounds of dough, five pounds of cheese, and three pounds of pepperoni. That adds up to 200 square slices in all. It may or may not be the heaviest pizza ever made, but it’s still damn impressive.

The logistics required to order and deliver this thing aren’t simple. You’ll have to pony up at least $300 for the pie, and place your order a full 24 hours in advance. It’s such a hassle that only those within the delivery area of Big Mama and Papa’s Northridge location can order it. If you do get the Giant Sicilian though, it’s transported inside a specialty roof rack, and seeing that is probably worth the price in and of itself.

So there you have it: a pizza roughly the size of a New York kitchen can be yours if you happen to be in a specific pocket of southern California. Start making plans to widen the entryway to your workplace or home now.