It’s knead-less, not needless 

By Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

Baking bread is like architecture: It's a fine science and an art. It’s also time consuming. Quick bread, on the other hand, requires far less elbow grease than most breads. Whether you can braid a perfect loaf of challah (Cheeto or otherwise), get the right rise on ciabatta, or achieve a proper shine on your hot cross buns, odds are you can bake banana bread. Surprise! Banana bread is a quick bread, so you have the experience necessary to make quick bread that Paul Hollywood would be proud of. 

Quick bread is also highly versatile: You can make a range of customized flavors from fruity to sweet to savory using a bunch of interchangeable ingredients. You can add nuts, throw in some zest, and layer in a swirl of your favorite jam. Because quick breads are so unfussy, you can even play around with flours for different tastes and textures. But before you hit the lab/kitchen, watch this video that has three delicious quick breads to get you started: lemon-coconut orange glaze, apple-almond, and rye-oat brown sugar. Then check out our complete quick bread recipe.