It's all the flavor of avocado toast without the mess

By Margaret Eby
June 25, 2018
Paul_Brighton/Getty Images

I love avocado toast as much as the next millennial, but I've found that it has some drawbacks. First, in New York City, where I live, good avocados are hard to find. Second, once you actually find one that's ripe enough to eat, it can be tricky to pile it on toast. You have to choose bread with integrity, or it will buckle under the sliced avocado. And then eating it is messy—you want to have a knife and fork handy or not be in front of anyone you're trying to impress too much. It's worth the indignity to eat, but sometimes you want something a little more elegant, a little easier to keep around. Friend, have you heard about avocado butter?

I hadn't, at least before I had an avocado-centric lunch prepared by Chef Jonathan Bautista of George's at the Cove. At the lunch, he grilled corn and topped off the ears with a pat of avocado butter. The butter had all the flavor that you want in a very good avocado toast—salty, citrusy, a little nutty, all smoothed out by rich avocado and balanced with butter. Turns out, avocado is a natural fit for a compound butter. It tastes like distilled guacamole. 

And it's not even that hard to make at home. “For the California avocado butter, we combined softened butter, a lot of California avocado puree, lime juice, and salt in a mixer," Bautista said. "We then took the blended mixture, poured into molds, and placed in the refrigerator to set before serving.”

You can tweak the proportions to your liking, and even omit the butter if you'd rather just make an avocado spread. This Food & Wine avocado butter recipe includes capers and chives (yum), while this MyRecipes number subs in olive oil for butter to give it a more spreadable texture, ideal for sandwiches. Pretty much any spice you'd want on avocado toast you could fold into avocado butter to customize it. Show up with a container of this to your next picnic or barbeque and no one will be mad about it.