All Together supported Spirit Day, an LGBTQ youth initiative

By Tim Nelson
October 19, 2018

As a kid, you probably dreamt of mixing up every cereal available into one massive bowl of breakfast glory. Though the fantasy may have faded, Kellogg’s went out of their way to make that dream come true this week, and it ended up supporting a good cause.

This week, Kellogg’s dropped the very limited edition “All Together” cereal, which fuses the flavors of Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, and Frosted Mini Wheats into a single special package. It’s not the result of some crazy factory mixup, but an intentional effort to team up with GLAAD for Spirit Day, an anti-bullying initiative in support of LGBTQ youth that takes place each October. All proceeds from its sale have been donated to the anti-defamation nonprofit. 

If the message of inclusion evident from the cereal’s composition wasn’t enough, a blurb from the back of the box drives the message home. “All Together Cereal is a symbol of belonging no matter how you look, where you’re from, or who you love. We believe that all young people and those young at heart deserve an environment where they can grow up to be their best selves.”

It’s a great initiative, but unfortunately one that’s limited in scope and availability. Kellogg’s said the cereal compilation would only be available on October 18th, and exclusively at the cereal company’s New York City cafe. Given that it’s a great idea in support of a great cause (that probably isn’t all too hard for Kellogg’s to pump out), there’s always hope that it could see a wider release in the future. For now, there’s nothing stopping you from going to a cereal cafe (or just their local supermarket) and recreating this tasty and inclusive treat for yourself.