Yes, it comes in millennial pink

By Gabrielle Van Tassel
February 07, 2018
photo by kelly bowden via getty images

Just when you thought the doughnut craze couldn’t get any crazier, the JW Marriott in Desert Springs, CA, is here to prove you wrong. They've created a massive, 10-pound doughnut, and they'll deliver the pink-frosted heart attack to your hotel room. Turns out this one-pound doughnut isn't that impressive after all. 

It’s part of their “Donut Disturb” package that you can purchase for $219 per night. It includes a room, a gigantic doughnut made by the hotel’s pastry chef and delivered by the “Donut Dispatcher,” and a $50 credit towards the spa, dining, or golf. I’m not sure how one could handle the monstrous dessert, let alone go golfing after. They even leave a “Donut Disturb” hanger on your doorknob, just in case you can’t remember your room number while you're in a sugar coma.

The thing is, the 10-pound doughnut is not technically a doughnut, but is, as Foodbeast reports, ten pounds of Tahitian vanilla cake, cream, and raspberry jelly. When the one-foot by three-feet pastry arrives at your door with a set of milkshakes, it’s clear that they intended the doughnut for more people than just you. They obviously don’t know you very well. 

We might as well call it what it is: A lay-cation… and we’re here for it. Cardiologist is on call.