Giant eggs, doughnut swings, and much more

By Tim Nelson
June 14, 2018
twomeows/Getty Images

Move over, environmentally problematic Museum of Ice Cream: there’s a new food-themed installation popping up this summer that seems like the perfect way to start any day.

The “Hall of Breakfast” made its debut in Salt Lake City this month, and it looks like the ultimate ode to our favorite meal. The brainchild of local event coordinators and a team of artists united by an adoration of all things breakfast, the Hall presents a whimsical, larger-than-life take on the iconic foods that make getting getting out of bed in the morning worth it (ie not yogurt).

This is no mere art installation, but the kind of interactive adventure where playing with your food is encouraged. Across a suite of rooms, guests can do things like slide down a strip of bacon, swing on a “tire swing” shaped like a sprinkled doughnut, weigh in on the waffles vs. pancakes debate, and—why not— play in a vaguely flamingo-themed ball pit. The overall aesthetic looks to be dominated by bright, soft pastels, adding an appropriately sunny vibe and making the whole installation seem like something out of a social media influencer’s wildest dreams.

Beyond providing a venue for staging Instagram photos and working up our appetites, the Hall of Breakfast aims to upend our relationship with art spaces. “I think in a traditional museum space, it's the little stuff, 'Don't touch that, don't do that,'" project art director Jesse Draper told Desert News. "But here, you have beautiful art … (that doesn't) put up walls between people and the art. (It) lets them be a part of it, to interact with it."

The Hall of Breakfast is based in Salt Lake City through July 9th, after which point it will move onto the Twin Cities, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles between now and next winter. General admission is $20 for adults and $15 for kids, making for a cheaper and more memorable experience than your average brunch. The joy of eating that eggs benedict will wear off quickly, but the memories of swinging from a doughnut the size of your torso will last a lifetime.