Their haul includes a $100,000 single malt bottle nicknamed “The Squirrel”

By Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018
photo by adam wilson via unsplash

The idea of robbing a liquor store is a common cliché in the world of American criminality. As if to show that France’s ability to outclass the unsophisticated swine on our side of the Atlantic knows no bounds, a gang of Parisian thieves just completed one of the classier liquor store heists of all time. 

In what must have been some kind of boozier take on Ocean’s 11, a group of as-of-yet-unidentified bandits broke into La Maison du Whisky’s Rue Anjou location near the famous Champs Elysées and made off with an estimated $800,000 in bourgie liquor. They reportedly made their way into the store’s collector’s room (home to some of the rarest spirits from around the globe), stuffed 69 nice bottles into duffel bags, and fled on foot. 

Among the many wares these cognac-swilling criminals pilfered was an ultra-rare bottle of Karuizawa, a Japanese single-malt that was distilled all the way back in 1960. It’s so rare, in fact, that the particular bottle of Karuizawa that La Maison du Whisky housed in a display case was nicknamed “The Squirrel” by collectors.

And that might be bad news for the bandits who figured they’d make a mint flipping one of only 41 Karuizawas of its kind ever produced. According to a statement put out by LMDW after the robbery, “This bottle is unique because of a physical particularity that makes it traceable and difficult to resell,” the store’s statement says. Guess they’ll just have to enjoy an exorbitantly expensive glass of Japanese single malt on the rocks from wherever they’re hiding out.