Christmas comes early (you know, sort of)

By Gina Florio
February 06, 2018
Image by Ingeborg Knol via Getty Images

We thought the holiday season couldn’t get much better when we learned about the cheese hot glue gun that now existed in the world. Could there be a more perfect Christmas gift? We didn’t think so—until we heard of a little something called a cheese advent calendar. Yep, you read that correctly. A cheese advent calendar, because 2016 was a tough year and we all deserve it.

A genius food blogger from London named Annem Hobson is to thank for this latest cheese creation. You’d think someone in industrialized society would have thought of it before, but apparently Annem is the Cheesy Chosen One destined to make all our dreams come true.

She’s working hard to make the cheese advent calendar available in 2017, so visit the website to sign up for the updates. And start using the hashtag #cheesenotchoc to let all your friends and family know that the world as we know it is about to change.

Isn’t Annem lovely? Isn’t she a modern-day hero? If you’re impatient and you’d like to make one of your very own, she walks you through the very easy process that allows you to enjoy the rest of your days knee deep in cheese.This post originally appeared on HelloGiggles.This Norweigan cheese is (literally) the best cheese in the world

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