Ice cream for breakfast?

By Tim Nelson
June 01, 2018
Abel Halasz / EyeEm/Getty Images

Ice cream for breakfast: it’s either a sign that you’re either living your best life or have completely given up Whether you love to indulge your hedonistic impulses or need to heal from heartbreak but still start your day, a new cereal collaboration is set to make your sweet dreams come true.

As part of Post’s latest launch of new breakfast offerings, Malt-O-Meal and Cold Stone Creamery have teamed up to introduce two new cereals that fuse the famous ice cream chain’s flavors into something that’s socially acceptable for breakfast time consumption. While nobody will throw this cereal onto a granite countertop and mix it up for you, it’ll be conveniently available in a bag.

So far, Cold Stone’s foray into the cereal market will center on two flavors: Our Strawberry Blonde and Birthday Cake Remix. A Post press release describes the former as “honey graham and strawberry flavored cereal with marshmallows”, while the latter is “birthday cake flavored cereal with chocolate flavored marshmallows”.

Since this is a packaged consumer product, there aren’t really any opportunities to add Cold Stone’s signature “mix-ins” to customize your cereal. But if you’ve ever wanted to eat both cake and ice cream for breakfast without your roommates worrying about you, now’s your time to shine.

With so many boutique ice cream shops getting buzz for incorporating classic sugary breakfast cereals into their flavors and toppings, it’s about time that trend started going in the other direction. Will we see Ben & Jerry’s giving us the chance to eat something like Phish Food for breakfast? Time will tell. For now, let’s just be glad we can start our day with some Cold Stone without the guilt or the brain freeze.