Though one might get you through the day more than the other

By Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018
Photo by Petro Feketa via Getty Images

Apple made waves earlier this month when they unveiled the iPhone X, which will offer facial recognition unlocking, a full-device super retina display, and wireless charging. All those fancy features won’t come cheap however, as the 64GB model will retail for $999 when it’s released on November 3rd. How’s a poor millennial to afford the latest and greatest smartphone when a new handset might be close to the equivalent of a month’s rent? Why, by giving up coffee, of course. 

The brilliant minds over at Business Insider crunched the numbers and came to some interesting conclusions about spending habits. If you break down the price of a 64GB iPhone X over the course of the 22.7 months that the average consumer will keep it for, its cost comes out to around $1.57 per day. That’s probably around half (or less) of what the average coffee connoisseur spends for their morning cup of cold brew from Starbucks or a similar coffee outlet. As much as many of us need that jolt of caffeine, you’re probably getting less use out of your morning coffee than an iPhone you’ll touch somewhere around 2,617 times per day

In fact, consistent coffee consumption starts to look pretty expensive when you analyze the prices of pretty much any expenditure on a per-day basis. Signing up for both Hulu & Netflix’ most expensive streaming plans will set you back about $0.79 per day, and investing in a new mattress comes out to about $0.49 per night of use. 

So how should you change your spending habits now that you’re armed with this knowledge? Cut out coffee completely? Sign up for a coffee subscription service? Start brewing beans at home? Ultimately, the choice is yours. At the very least, it’s something to ponder while mindlessly scroll through Instagram on your now-outdated phone while you wait for the barista to make your morning latte.