The case of the missing Chick-fil-A van

By Elly Belle
February 07, 2018
photo by The Boston Globe via getty images

All aboard the Mystery Machine. After a Chick-fil-A van was stolen from its Cartersville, Georgia, location last week, the company turned to the public to ask for help. On Sunday, November 5, at about 9:45 p.m, the van was taken from the fast food restaurant’s lot. The van was mysteriously found a week later in a residential neighborhood, where it had been crashed into a car in someone’s driveway.

Soon sfter the incident, the Chick-fil-A location reached out to fans through Facebook to ask for help finding the identity of the person who stole the van. In return for information, the restaurant offered an unbeatable reward: free Chick-fil-A for a whole year to the person who could help them identify the suspect.

This week, local reports from WSB-TV2 were updated and it was confirmed that someone had helped Chick-fil-A find the thief. The Facebook post was updated earlier this week, saying: “CASE HAS BEEN SOLVED! Details of the reward will remain anonymous to protect identities.”

Chick-fil-A has been at the center of political controversy since igniting nationwide boycotts after its founder spoke out against gay marriage in 2012. After working hard to re-brand and focus on food, the chain has continued to open locations in large cities like Manhattan and has reached new states across the US including Maine, Michigan, Seattle, and Portland.

The chain also made headlines last year for growing their breakfast menu to include the Egg White Grill Breakfast Sandwich. Upon releasing the new menu item, the chain became “one of the first fast food restaurants to offer grilled chicken as a breakfast option,” and was part of an attempt to accommodate different dietary needs.