The latest in cereal-milk innovation

By Extra Crispy Staff
February 23, 2018

Who isn’t drowning in cereal milk these days? It’s everywhere: lattes, ice cream, and even riding solo. It’s in basically every food except for actual cereal. Do we love it so much because we all want to feel like toddlers again, slurping it out of the bowl while watching Rocko’s Modern Life? Let’s explore that deeper another day. The most exciting cereal-milk application we’ve seen lately is at Riverpark in New York City, where pastry chef Geoff Koo puts it inside a chocolate shell that you can violently smash open with a spoon, causing the cereal milk to gush forth. He was kind enough to show us the entire process, which starts with devil’s food cake, moves on to puffy homemade Rice Krispies, and ends with a fleck of gold leaf.