Spooky indeed

By Mike Pomranz
October 23, 2018
Photo courtesy of Burger King

For the second time in recent memory, Burger King has released a black menu item for Halloween that’s being rumored to turn customers’ poops a scary color. Earlier this month, Burger King introduced a new Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry slushy. The pitch black beverage—with BK suggesting customers “give in to your dark side”—certainly fits the theme of Halloween color-wise, but now, anecdotal evidence seems to reveal that the new drink is giving people another kind of fright.

Women’s Health compiled several tweets where Twitter users made claims that the slush “turned my poop blackish blue” and “makes blueish poop,” or, as multiple people who aren’t afraid of cursing on social media put it, “my shit is purple” and “my shit turned blue.” The magazine stressed that, by all accounts, the food dyes that cause these issues are almost certainly safe to your body, but that doesn’t mean your eyes won’t be forever scarred.

What makes this story even stranger is that it was just three years ago when Burger King went through a similar incident with another Halloween-themed limited-time-only item. That year, the chain released a Halloween Whopper that featured a black bun. (Remember when black buns were super trendy? Can you believe that was three years ago?) That product also led to reports of oddly-colored stools—to the point where even USA Today ran the story “Why the black Whopper turns your poop green.” Again, at the time, the paper spoke with a doctor who said the culprit was probably just a “concentrated form” of a food dye and that there was no reason to be alarmed, assuming your poop returned to a normal color after you moved on to non-Halloween-themed foods.

Still, Burger King is a big company and you think they would have learned their lesson the first time around. Assuming that’s true, could these new reports of weird poo colors be a case of the burger chain realizing that “any publicity is good publicity”? The way I see it, if you feed someone something that makes their poop a crazy color and they go back for more, that’s a customer for life!