Bordier's raspberry butter is ridiculously expensive and unfortunately delicious

By Margaret Eby
May 25, 2018

It is an absurd choice to spend $18 on butter. Not even $18 for a pound of butter, $18 for a smidgen of butter—a four ounce pat, roughly the size of a bar of hotel soap. That means that if you were to buy the quantity that butter usually comes in at a grocery store, it would ring in at $72 for a pound, easily more than someone's entire weekly grocery budget. And yet when Bordier's annual Beurre de Baratte a la Framboise arrived in Le District, the French market under our office, I was powerless against it.

After all, I had recently tried a whole lot of fancy butter and found, to my chagrin, that Bordier absolutely lives up to the hype. It is just the best butter I've ever tried. We're definitely not the first people to say so—after the article went live, I got a steady torrent of emails, DMs, and Instagram comments asking where we got our hands on Bordier in New York City when usually it's the kind of thing you have to smuggle in from Paris. The Bordier section of Le District was raided for weeks, and only recently became more robustly replenished. The importer of Bordier even stopped by our office to give us a more thorough tasting of the company's different compound butter offerings. And that is how we knew about the imminent arrival of Bordier a la Framboise, the very limited seasonal offering that incorporates fresh raspberries into the best butter in the whole world, at least that I've tasted.

It took a few weeks of stalking the shelves for the Bordier a la Framboise to appear, but lo, it did, and we snagged it. At $18, it is by far the most expensive butter I've ever purchased—it's about twice the price of regular Bordier. It's the price of a pretty decent bottle of wine. I wanted to be disappointed so I wouldn't have to contemplate cashing out my 401k for my newfound upscale butter habit. Alas, dear reader. I was not.

I am devastated to report that this $18 butter is spectacular. It tastes like the best butter you've ever tasted crossed with the best jam you've ever tasted. It tastes like the world's best picnic. It is so good that when the Extra Crispy team went to try it, every single member of our team was quiet for a full minute as well tasted it. It is a near religious experience, if you love butter as I do. It is definitely the best thing I ate this week. It is maybe the best thing I've had all year. I am so sorry. It is barely available and ridiculously expensive and so very worth it. If someone showed up with this butter instead of a bottle of wine to a dinner party at my house, I would probably cry tears of joy. 

There are, remember, plenty of decent to very, very good butters much more widely available, and you can probably approximate this in some way by crushing up some fresh raspberries and making them into a compound butter. But if you see this on the shelves and you have $18 to spend on a grocery store frippery, this is the butter to pick up.