Sadly, it’s non-alcoholic

By Tim Nelson
June 01, 2018
bhofack2/Getty Images

When summer weather starts to heat up, there’s nothing more refreshing than cracking open a cold one or treating yourself to some ice cream. Those two treats are usually mutually exclusive, unless you’re willing to deal with an unholy pairing of malty and sweet flavors. Somehow, though, a team of ingenious Danes have hit on a hybridization of beer and ice cream that just might be crazy enough to work.

This magical concoction comes to us from Thisted Bryghus, who’ve been brewing øl in northwestern Denmark since 1902. They’ve teamed up with their ice-cream loving countrymen at Is Premier for a special beer-flavored ice cream that synthesizes the best aspects of both treats.

Besides the fact that it’s slated to be non-alcoholic, it sounds like this thing should check all of the right boxes for craft beer lovers. The ice cream’s ingredients will be sourced locally from Jutland (the part of Denmark that’s attached to Germany), with the addition of small sprigs of Norwegian spruce and pine adding an earthy taste. Malt extract is also in the mix, because it’s just not quite beer without it.

While details on the exact flavors are scant, Thisted Bryghus head brewer Antoni Aagard Madsen said it “gives a fresh and aromatic taste, which we have transferred to the new ice-cream,” according to a press release quoted by Business Insider Nordic.

Though technically not the first time this sort of cold fusion has been attempted, it’s certainly a high-profile release: Thisted Bryghus and Is Premier will debut their special treat at this weekend’s Ølfestival in Copenhagen, where they’ll hand out thousands of samples. If you can’t travel to Copenhagen literally right now, you can likely buy a frozen pint from a Danish supermarket sometime later this year. And as long as it isn’t brewed with sewage water, it should probably taste pretty good.