If this YouTuber can do it, you can too

By Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018
Illustration by Lauren Kolm

The world’s love of bacon knows no bounds. It’s been around for thousands of years, and some of us will even build a whole diet around crispy breakfast pork. One thing that’s less enjoyable than eating bacon, though, is mowing the lawn. Fortunately, one enterprising soul with a YouTube account and a bit of ingenuity decided to try and do both of those things at the same time. 

YouTube channel Project Farm has done some unorthodox things to engines, like pouring Monster Energy inside of one to see what happens, on his way to amassing nearly 70,000 subscribers. Based on a viewer suggestion, he decided to try and cook bacon inside a lawnmower. After confirming a canola oil-powered mower wouldn’t explode, he wrapped some bacon in tinfoil (the inside of a lawnmower doesn’t sound like a great flavor additive), placed it in a modified see-through crankcase, and let ‘er rip. 

While we don’t condone huffing fumes, the fact that the exhaust smelled like bacon does sound pretty tempting. Somehow, a plume of orange smoke shot out from the engine once the bacon was cooked, a divine signal rivaling the election of a new pope in The Vatican. Upon a taste test, the bacon was described as “pretty good… unbelieveable”. No word on the quality of the lawn, but let’s be real: that’s not the important part here. 

This is probably not something you’d want to try at home, but it’s good to know one more way that bacon can be prepared. We may not know who this guy is, but we salute his commitment to exploring the wild frontiers of bacon innovation. Let’s see what he cooks up next.