There must have been so many entree options

By Tim Nelson
February 26, 2018
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Whether it involves a unique ceremony or a faraway destination, everyone wants their wedding to be memorable,. And while it’s not uncommon for a married couple to revisit the site of their nuptials for an anniversary, these Chapel Hill, North Carolina newlyweds will think back on their special day every time they shop for organic kale.

That’s because Ross Aronson and Jaqueline Troutmant tied the knot at their local Whole Foods. The ceremony was performed in front of family and friends in the now-Amazon-owned grocer’s floral section. After presumably walking down separate color-coded aisles and exchanging vows about how they promised to be faithful to each other and not snack on anything from the bulk bins without paying, a reception took place in the cafe area.

It’s obviously unconventional to say “I do” in the same place that people visit during their lunch break or on the way home from a bikram yoga class, but the new Mr. and Mrs. Aronson had a long history of Whole Foods courtship. The couple went on some of their first dates to the store, their love growing stronger with each trip to the hot food bar. Aronson also proposed at this particular Whole Foods location, incorporating the store’s sampling stations into his big moment. No word on whether or not avocados played a role.

And while customers were probably a bit disappointed to find the store closed for a wedding, the local ABC affiliate says Whole Foods seemed happy to be on board. No word on whether or not that’s because it kept them from running out of food for a little while longer.