From Cancun to Nassau, here's where to get your brunch fix on vacation

By Elena Sheppard
February 07, 2018
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Photo by Unsplash user Will Langenberg

Spring break: For American college kids it’s a right of debaucherous passage. In March and April the nation’s youth en masse caravans to the beach, or hops a flight to Mexico or the Caribbean with the express purpose of getting both tanned and toasted. You hear a lot about the best bars and the best booze cruises, but what about the best breakfasts? You can’t subsist on free shots and tanning oil alone, and at some point a short stack becomes absolutely mandatory. 

So where should you eat breakfast while on spring break that doesn’t start with “Mc” and end with “Donald’s”? Don’t worry it’s vacation, we did your homework for you and picked some favorite spots in the most popular spring break haunts. Eat up. 

Starlite Diner, Daytona Beach, Florida  

Photo by flickr user erin costa

A Daytona Beach institution since 1948, the Starlite Diner got walloped by a recent hurricane but is back in business. The vibe is totally retro with red and white vinyl booths, and the menu is exactly what you want a diner’s to be. Omelettes and grits are fan favorites as are the milkshakes. A diner done totally right. 

La Pasteleteria, Cancún, Mexico

If you’re in Cancun on spring break, odds are you're in a massive resort. Further odds are that a moment will come when you need to get out of there; which is exactly when La Pasteleteria will come in the most handy. A lot of people pass right by this institution where delicious crepes await inside (it’s no wonder the restaurant’s name means "the pastry"). 

Sabroso & Casero, Acapulco, México

“Tasty and homemade” is what this restaurant's name means, and by all accounts that’s totally true. 28 peso smoothies, as well as traditional Mexican and American morning eats. There is also beer for sale, so the party need never stop. 

Yummie’s Bistro, South Padre Island, Texas 

It might be in a strip mall, but it’s a total crowd-pleaser. Actually the consensus is that this is the best breakfast food on the island. So get out of the Texas sun for the morning and order a breakfast burrito, or tacos, or pancakes, really the options are endless. 

Casasola Cafe and Brunch, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

It’s a smidge off the beaten path but people love this breakfast spot. It’s got an eclectic cafe vibe, but with totally gourmet pastry and beverage offerings. It might be a field trip away from your beachside house or hotel, but it will be worth it. 

Photo by unsplash user dayne topkin

Da Glass Kitchen, Nassau, The Bahamas 

A teeny tiny Bahamian breakfast spot where take-out is as popular as eating in. Word on the street is that the guava pancakes and guava butter are definitely worth leaving the beach bar for. Pro tip call ahead to order, apparently waits can get mighty long. 

Andy’s Flour Power, Panama City Beach, Florida 

1,100 “excellent” reviews can’t be wrong. Andy’s Flour Power is low-key, casual, and serves simple delicious breakfast food including specialty omelettes, and southern staples like biscuits and gravy. Added plus, you barely have to leave your beach blanket. 

The News Cafe, Miami Beach, Florida 

An iconic sidewalk cafe right on Ocean Drive, there is no better place to morning people watch than the News Cafe. The News Cafe also plays a big role in a pretty historic Miami moment: Fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered on his walk home after his routine morning visit to the restaurant.  

Dalia’s Cafe and Bakery, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Pretty adorable, Dalia’s is the non-resort destination for breakfast. Baked good, coffee, American eats, Dominican food, Dalia’s knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — and that everyone must line their stomachs before heading to the all-day beach party.