It’s coffee pot hollandaise up against hot and spicy Spam ramen

By Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

For the first-ever mano-a-mano 3-in-1 Challenge, we enlisted Top Chef alum Dale Talde and his fellow tenant at Miami’s The Confidante Hotel, Richard Hales, to battle it out til the delicious end. Talde’s TALDE Miami Beach sits next to Hales’ Bird & Bone, where ingredients are routinely shared between the two kitchens, like how your coworkers use the office’s only phone charger. 

For this challenge, Hales racked up points for innovation with his crinkle fry, egg, and sausage skillet with Alabama white BBQ hollandaise. In a moment of ingenuity and grit, he pulled an audible and placed his hollandaise bowl over the steam rising from the coffee filter to create a makeshift double boiler. Game on.

Talde decided to go a different route with his Korean ramen with Hot & Spicy Spam and trumpet mushrooms. His secret weapon was to repeatedly cycle the kimchi broth through the coffee filter until the flavor was as complex as Hot & Spicy Spam’s ingredient list.

At the end of the competition, each chef delivered two dishes that were quickly devoured by our staff. Of course, all that was after Talde and Hales figured out how to turn on the damn 3-in-1 Machine.

photo by alex tepper