From all-bacon cookbooks to quirky avocado toast pins

By Alexis Reliford
February 06, 2018
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With the holidays right around the corner, college students will soon be rushing home in droves to enjoy savory home-cooked meals and their old comfy beds for the winter season. That’s right. After months of eating ramen and being holed up in a dorm room, all they want is to kick back, relax and be free from the stresses of finals. So simple right? But what might be even better is arming your foodie co-ed with what she needs to bring a little taste of home back to the quad, encouraging her burgeoning palate, or even spiffing up her accessories game to display exactly what she's into. Sometimes, though, it's hard to find things that will be able to withstand the frequent moves, weather trends (but still be a little quirky), and not totally break the bank. Lucky for you, that's exactly where we come in.

Fortunately there’s tons of fun and totally practical items, from sandwich makers to funny cookbooks, to gift them so they go back to school prepared and ready to eat more than just mac 'n' cheese from a box. If you’re in need of some gift inspiration, check out these awesome ten presents for the breakfast-obsessed college kid in your life.

Some Great (But Not too Expensive) Cookware

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While it’s tempting to send along the old scratched up pans you won’t be using anymore, resist the urge. Inspire undergraduates to create their own healthy and delicious meals in the New Year with some swanky cookware of their own. This two-piece set look like ordinary frying pans, but actually feature heat-sensitive indicators that change color from black to red when they’re preheated and ready for cooking. Perfect for beginner cooks to know when to start cooking, without wasting food or risking burning themselves.

2-piece Non-stick Fry Pan Set, $49.99,

The Ultimate Sandwich Maker

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Who says it takes a ton of time to make a great meal? With this all-in-one “unitasker,” whipping up delicious breakfast sandwiches is a breeze. With minimum prep and just five minutes, the egg, bacon and cheese biscuit sandwich you’ve been craving is ready. 

Breakfast sandwich maker, $22,

Musical Mixing Spoons

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If your college kid likes to cook and loves jamming out, this is the perfect gift, because these wooden spoons double as drumsticks. So, while they wait for water to boil or eggs to fry, they can create an epic drum solo featuring these funky spoons and their suite mate’s pots.  Beware: this gift just might annoy everyone on their floor, especially if they like to make midnight snacks. 

Mix Stix Drumstick Spoons, $11,

Dorm Room Barista Gear

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Hitting up the campus coffee shop can take a toll on a one’s already sparse bank account, but the dining hall brew just isn’t worth the time. One touch and a little water is all that’s needed to get a perfectly-sized, fresh cup of joe just the way you like it, in the comfort of one’s own dorm room thanks to this easy-to-use coffee maker

Keurig Brewing System, $128,

Breakfast Club Pins

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No millennial brunch is complete without avocado toast and iced coffee (and okay, occasionally bottomless mimosas.) Pay homage to these morning must haves with these cute and quirky pins, showing everyone how committed you are to the most important meal of the day. 

Avocado toast pin, $10,

No More Soggy Cereal

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Nothing beats a sweet and simple bowl of cereal on the weekends, but the sogginess that soon occurs is for the birds. If eating cereal muddled with milk isn’t really your thing, then this bowl is exactly what you need. Easy to hold while watching TV or in bed with no mess, this unique bowl keeps everything separate so your cereal-to-milk ratio is always perfect. 

The Original Crispy Bowl, $14.95,

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon Water Bottle


If your student’s always on the go consider gifting them with this swanky S’well bottle. With prints perfect for a breakfast lover, these 15oz bottles are amazing for keeping hot coffee warm or ice cold water chilled all day long. 

S'Well Water Bottle, $19.60,

All-Bacon-Everything Cookbook


Everything tastes better with bacon right? Test that theory over and over again with this quirky cookbook featuring tons of easy, bacon-centered recipes. From fancy bacon breakfast dishes to bacon popcorn, bacon meatballs and pasta sauces, The Little Bacon Cookbook has the day covered. Best of all, there’s even bacon desserts! (Do we smell bacon cinnamon rolls?)

The Little Bacon Cookbook, $19.95,

Donut Mood Sweater

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Whether they’re headed to class, running errands or just lounging around in the common area, this comfy sweater lets everybody know just what your undergrad’s feeling at all times. (Both the image and the words can even be customized to best capture his or her favorite breakfast sentiments.)

Gray sweatshirt, $52.99,

Easy Clean-up Drying Mat

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No one likes cleaning up, but it’s inevitable when you’re a foodie. Luckily, with this drying mat washing dishes a breeze. It folds up flat for easy storage and is in essence a dish rack/drying mat in one with just enough room for dishes, glasses and cutlery. 

Drying mat, $15,