We asked. You answered. 

By Corey Williams
September 27, 2018
ullstein bild/Getty Images

The other day, the conversation veered off track during our morning staff meeting (not an uncommon occurrence, FYI). It started when one of our editors was lamenting the loss of her slow cooker after a miscommunication with her fiancé. From there, we spiraled into swapping tales of soap-scrubbed cast-iron and unintentionally abused knives. It seemed like everyone had a story about a well-meaning loved one whose efforts to help in the kitchen went awry.

In the spirit of solidarity, we decided to take the conversation to you, our readers. We asked: “Has a well-meaning loved one ever tried to help in the kitchen, only to accidentally ruin dinner or break a beloved piece of cookware?”

And, boy, did you deliver. Here are some of our favorite stories: